Jensen JCR-310 is an outstanding dual alarm clock radio with top loading CD player

Jensen JCR-310,Jensen JCR-310 review

Jensen JCR-310 review
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Jensen JCR-310 is AM/FM stereo dual alarm clock radio with the top loading CD player. It is a digital audio player with multiple features. The JCR-310 is an outstanding invention of Jensen. It allows you to fall asleep or wake to your favorite CD player and radio station. Let’s talk about its outstanding qualities and features.

Key Features:
The Jensen JCR-310 promoted with the multiple outstanding features those make it unique to the users worldwide. Top loading CD player Highly compatible with CD-R/ RAW, iPhone, iPod, tablet, PC and any other digital audio device. Outstanding programmable memory with 0.6” green LED display. 10AM +10FM preset radio stereo. Dual alarms with sleep timer and walk timer. Music or recording repeatable tool. Rich and powerful sound. Digital menu with multiple programs. Stereo sound. 10 hours battery backup with 9 volt battery. Track back/ forward, skip, mute, and snooze tools. Powered by the 120v-60 Hz. Approximate weight 2-3/ 4Ibs. 90 days manufacturers’ warranty.

The Jensen JCR-310 is the latest CD player of JCR series. It arrived on the market in 2012 with multiple utilities and qualities those make it different than the other products. This top loading CD player designed and promoted with the foremost technological properties those are really different than the others. You must be mesmerized with its highly compatible feature. It is easily compatible with the CD-R/RAW, mobile phone, tablet and PC. You can connect this speaker to your mobile device by the help of auxiliary inputs. Millions of users all over the world choose this product for rich and powerful sound. It has multi-functions 0.6” green Led display that makes it an outstanding audio product for the years. You can search, skip, forward/ back your favorite radio stations whatever you want. If you want to repeat your favorite tracks, you can do that just pressing a button. It has programmable memory that stores your favorite tracks, playbacks, and recordings. This outstanding high quality product featured with the dual independent alarms. Sleep to radio or alarm with the programmable sleep timer. Again walk to CD or alarm with programmable walk timer. On your weekend enjoy mp3s, recordings, and other audios just snoozing alarm clock. Find weather and emergency alert with this extra-ordinary audio device. It connects you to 20+ radio stations to receive local signals. You can keep the product on night table beside your bed. Users can carry it easily at anywhere. All of these outstanding performances prove that it is really different that the other products.

In conclusion, I hope now you are clear about the utilities and features of the Jensen JCR-310.It is really #1 dual alarm clock radio with top loading CD player on the market. If you buy this audio device; you can enjoy mp3s, audios, recordings, and 20+ radio stations altogether. So no more late, purchase the product today and today!

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